Targeted IT solutions

Are staff projects getting in the way of your strategic goals?

Sometimes a staff member will ask you to do something and you’ll think “That’s not really what we do”. For example, they may ask you to:

  • create a website for their new service
  • fix their Excel-based reporting spreadsheet
  • format their Word Template or PowerPoint Presentation
  • streamline an administration task – like room or car bookings
  • add a referral form to the website

These tasks are often too complex to solve with a Google search and distract you and your team from your more important strategic goals.

This is where I can help.

With over 25 years of experience in IT and training, I specialise in working with staff and providing small, targeted IT solutions.

Examples of the solutions I provide include:

  • Helping workers with their Excel, Word and PowerPoint issues
  • Automating administration tasks – such as booking and workflow systems
  • Setting up reporting frameworks
  • Creating e-forms in both WordPress and Microsoft Word
  • Creating, supporting and maintaining WordPress websites

My clients include:

  • Star Health
  • The Alfred Hospital
  • Dianella Community Health
  • Cohealth

I’d love to meet with you to discuss how I can help you get back to your strategic goals. If you’d like to meet, please contact me at or 0405 020 758