Excel to Database Conversions

Upgrade your Excel Spreadsheet to a Database

If any of the following apply to you, it’s time to make the upgrade from an Excel Spreadsheet to a database

  • You have to enter the same peoples’ names and addresses in multiple places of your spreadsheet
  • Only one person knows how to use the spreadsheet properly. When they are absent, it’s a problem for everyone
  • Only one person can have the spreadsheet open at a time and workers need to negotiate who can access it

The benefits of a Web Generation database

Web Generation databases:

  • Are custom made and tailored to your needs
  • Are simple to use
  • Are inexpensive
  • Allow you to run reports in real time
  • Integrate with other applications, systems and websites
  • Manage, protect and track your data

You can have a play with one of my databases at here.

Take action

  • Contact David Collett on 0405 020 758 or David.Collett@WebGeneration.com.au.
  • We’ll meet – either in person or using Skype.
  • We’ll talk. I’ll ask questions about your spreadsheet, processes, needs and budget.
  • I’ll come up with a plan for us to follow.
  • Once you give the go ahead, I’ll convert your spreadsheet into a database, ensuring that you are happy and supported through the whole process.

Availability is limited. Act now.