Admin Task Automation

Automate your admin tasks to save time and money

By automating tasks you reclaim time allowing you to do more valuable things. For example, instead of writing invoices, you could be contacting new clients.

The following table shows how much time you could save over 5 years by automating your tedious tasks.

Time saved per day Time saved over 5 years
10 mins 12 days
30 mins 5 weeks
1 hr Over 2 months

For example, if automation saves you 30 minutes every day, over the course of 5 years, you’d reclaim 5 weeks. Time which you could spend on finding new customers or creating a new product instead of doing admin tasks.

Where to start

Consider automating the following:

  • Receiving customer orders
  • Sending invoices and chasing them up
  • Creating reports and gathering data

Take the first step

  • Contact David Collett on 0405 020 758 or
  • We’ll meet – either at your office or using Skype.
  • We’ll talk. I’ll ask questions. You’ll tell me about your existing way of doing things.
  • I’ll send you ideas on the improvements I can offer you, what their cost would be, and how much time you’re likely to save.
  • Once you agree to the improvements, I’ll carry them out.

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