Six PowerPoint skills everyone should have

Microsoft PowerPoint makes creating presentation slides extremely easy… but only if you know how to use it. To this end, I’ve listed 6 PowerPoint skills I believe everyone should have to get the greatest benefit out of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Knowing the difference between a presentation and a set of slides

A key idea that everyone should have is the difference between a set of PowerPoint slides and a presentation. The presentation is what people have come to see – to hear you speak and hear your ideas. On the other hand, your PowerPoint slides are just a tool to support your presentation and help your audience understand what you are saying.

How to a create a set of slides that supports your presentation

A good set of PowerPoint slides supports your presentation, while a bad set of slides will detract from it. Creating good PowerPoint slides consists not only of choosing good colours and fonts, but also knowing what to put on your slides and what to leave out.

Working with text

PowerPoint allows you to work with slide layouts, font formatting, tables and bullet points. Knowing how to use these allows you to create great looking PowerPoint slides quickly and easily.

Working with images

Images can illustrate an important point or add interest to your PowerPoint slides. Finding them, inserting them into your slides and working with them are skills all office workers should have.

Using Themes

PowerPoint comes with inbuilt themes. These are sets of premade templates which will give your PowerPoint slides a professional look and feel without you needing to employ a graphic designer.

Using Master Pages

If you need to make a change across your entire set of PowerPoint slides – such as adding your company logo to the bottom of each slide – using PowerPoint’s Master Pages can save you a great deal of time. Master Pages allow you to make changes across your entire set of PowerPoint slides without you needing to alter each one individually.

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