If you have an improvement in mind, I can help turn it into a reality.

Services I can provide include:

  • Helping you select the best tool or system for your needs and budget.
  • Install the system and set it up
  • Create processes so that you and your staff can use it effectively
  • Provide training and manuals

Systems I can set up include:

If it doesn’t exist, I can build it

If the system doesn’t exist, or the available systems don’t quite meet your needs, I can build it for you.

Applications I have built include:

  • Phone directories ande in/out boards
  • Home visit monitoring systems
  • Staff leave request and approval systems
  • Training Course booking and management systems
  • Rooms and equipment booking systems
  • Interpreter booking management systems
  • Car booking and fleet management systems
  • Programs which allow to independant systems to share information
  • Surveys and feedback collection systems – such as upward feedback and suggestion boxes

Please contact me if you would like more information.

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