Make the Interpreter Booking Manager role sustainable

The InBox for the Interpreter Booking System

The InBox for the Interpreter Booking System

If your Interpreter Booking System is paper based, the Interpreter Booking Manager role is probably not sustainable. The amount of chasing up and paper shuffling involved means that your Interpreter Booking Manager is probably burning out.

To solve this issue, the Interpreter Booking System automates almost all of the paper shuffling involved in interpreter bookings. The requests, bookings and reports are digitised. Rather than trying to read people’s hand writing, the Interpreter Booking Manager can spend her time arranging and optimising the interpreter bookings.

An Inbox replaces the system of paper piles and manilla folders

In a paper based system, the Interpreter Booking Manager will often use a system of paper piles and/or manilla folders in order to keep track of the interpreter bookings. The Interpreter Booking System provides the Interpreter Booking Manager with an InBox – detailing all of the information of every interpreter request including its current status.

The InBox can be sorted, filtered and categorised allowing the Interpreter Booking Manager (or any other admin person)  to effectively manage the interpreter bookings.

Opening up the role

How much of your organisation’s interpreter booking process exists in your Interpreter Booking Manager’s head? What would happen to this knowledge if she left the organisation?

The Interpreter Booking System opens up the role, systematising the process so that any admin person can easily step into the role. So if your Interpreter Booking Manager goes on leave, your organisation’s ability to book interpreters doesn’t go with her.


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