Why improve your processes?

When talking to clients about improving their processes, I sometimes get a response along the lines of
If it aint broke, why fix it? In other words, what I’m doing is working OK – why should I change my processes? Why spend the time?

To them I reply, the main benefit of improving your processes is that it allows you to do what you’re currently doing in less time, at a cheaper cost and with less effort. You can then spend the time, energy and money you recover on things you’d rather be doing.

Think about it. What would you rather be doing?

Spending time with your friends and family or Sending out and chasing up invoices
Learning new skills at a university course or Rummaging through a trail of emails to work out what you have promised your clients
Spending time with clients talking about new projects or Showing your staff how to carry out a routine task for the thousandth time


If you would prefer to be doing things on the left hand side then business process improvement is for you. This can do this because it:

  • eliminates unnecessary tasks
  • automates repetitive tasks
  • creates easier ways to do what you are currently doing

And that’s why you should be doing business process improvement. Not everyone can see that, but those that can reap the benefits!

What about you? Do you see the benefit in improving your businesses processes?

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